Lemonade Day

Youth entrepreneurship is nurtured and encouraged through this structured opportunity for Kalispell youth ages 6-18 to learn about finance, marketing, site selection, product development, and management through the vehicle of a lemonade stand. 

Discover Kalispell Chamber celebrates its third year in 2022 of bringing this national program to Kalispell. We encourage teachers to share this fun, skills-building opportunity with their students and their parents. 

Thank you to our Main Squeeze Presenting Sponsor, Three Rivers Bank of Montana, for helping to make this year’s Lemonade Day possible!


Who can participate in Kalispell’s Lemonade Day? 
Any child age 6-18 within the 59901 area code.  

When is Kalispell’s Lemonade Day 2022? 
June 25, 2022 

How can my child sign up? When does sign-up end? 
Please sign up at the following link: WWW.LEMONADEDAY.ORG/KALISPELL

Why should my child sign up for “Lemonade Day” when they could just set up a lemonade stand any time they want? 
The “Lemonade Day” program provides structured learning support for youth to use their lemonade stand as an opportunity to dive a little deeper (at a child’s/teen’s level) into what it means to start and operate a business.  Children will learn about the many facets of creating a business including:  

  • How to create a budget: Cost for lemonade supplies, materials for serving the lemonade, materials for the stand, (any) marketing costs, etc. 
  • creating a product: What recipe to use? Made from scratch or with a powder? Any unique additions or twists to your product? How big is a serving? 
  • How to set up a bank account.  
  • Supply costs/purchasing/pricing: How much will supplies cost to make the lemonade, how much to buy, how much to price your product at to make a profit? 
  • Site selection: Where will you set up your Lemonade stand? Why?  
  • Marketing: How will you “get the word” out that you’ll be serving Lemonade?  
  • Staffing: who will work with you at your stand on Lemonade Day and for how long?