Internships are pre-professional opportunities, either paid (or unpaid), for a person to gain experience working in a business, often at an assistant-level position, for a short period of time.  Interns get hands-on training, the opportunity to see how a company works, and to explore if that type of company and/or work would be one that the intern would pursue further in the future.  Internships are also a great way to build workforce experience and relationships that can prove beneficial for someone just starting in their career or having switched into a new career. For companies, internships are a great way to create relationships and identify future potential talent for their workforce.  

Several businesses in the Flathead Valley offer internships.  We encourage businesses to contact Discover Kalispell Chamber’s Workforce & Special Initiatives Director, Jenn Cronk, with more information about your program(s) at: [email protected] (406-758-2801).