Talent Pipeline Management

As an employer, you are concerned with not only filling the jobs you have today but those that you will need tomorrow as your business grows and changes.  Challenges with a currently low unemployment rate, demographic shifts, challenges surrounding affordability of local workforce housing, and more, mean that employers, now more than ever, are looking to hold onto their current local workforce, grow talent in-house where possible, and are seeking creative solutions to attracting and hiring new employees. 

Talent Pipeline Management, a program through the US Chamber Foundation, “is an end-to-end talent management approach that focuses on the employer as the ‘end consumer’ of a talent supply chain. This demand-driven, employer-led approach allows employers to more effectively communicate their most critical workforce needs and the skills required for success.” 

Per the US Chamber Foundation, “the top benefits of TPM include: 

  • Built on industry best practices 
  • Authentically employer-led 
  • Generates granular, actionable data on employer demand 
  • Provides a structured process for collective action and decision making 
  • Engages the full spectrum of talent sourcing providers 
  • Creates shared value, competitiveness, and accountability 
  • Focused on employer “ROI” 

Discover Kalispell Chamber is engaged in TPM training with the US Chamber Foundation and is focused, as a first step, applying TPM’s lessons to the Manufacturing Alliance.  If you are a local manufacturer and are interested in learning more about the Manufacturing Alliance, please contact Jenn Cronk, Workforce & Special Initiatives Director, at [email protected] or 406-758-2801.